Dillon Francis and Malibu have teamed up to extend the summer with the summer smash “The Coconut Nut Malibu Remix.”

Dillon Francis, headshot, yellow hoodie

Dillon Francis

To bring some much-needed fun back to this unusual summer, Malibu and Dillon Francis joined forces to unleash a way to bring people together while keeping them physically apart. Hence #TheCoconutChallenge was born! Along with being a great way to stay engaged and have fun, the challenge offered Malibu a way to give back – donating a total of $150,000 to the National Urban League to help businesses affected by Covid-19.

Malibu Extends Summer!, featured image

Malibu Extends Summer!

Compiled from crowd sourced submissions around the world, the new video, The Coconut Nut Malibu Remix Music video, brings together celebrities and fans who all embody the spirit of summer fun. Submissions came in from all over the globe, ranging from Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Over 50 global media personalities pitched in, including comedian Hannah Stocking, singer and radio presenter Fleur East and creative director Ashley Banjo. Each participant was able to put their own creative twist on the dance challenge making Malibu the symbol of virtual summer conviviality.

To help keep the summer fun going, Malibu is extending the fun! While there won’t be another chance to be in a music video with Dillon Francis, fans can continue to post #TheCoconut Challenge videos, and Malibu will continue to make donations up to $100,000.