Leave your shaker behind the bar and make the most of your time off with High Noon’s Limited Tropical Flavors.

Whether you’re looking for a new can for behind the bar or looking to stock your cooler for your next pool party, High Noon is an easy drinking, refreshing hard seltzer that’s perfect for summer. This season, they’ve launched a limited-edition tropical eight pack with two new flavors.

Pool with Pineapple

Each flavor of High Noon is made from only three ingredients: real fruit juice, five-time distilled high-quality vodka, and sparkling water, creating a craft-worthy sipper that is 100 calories and has no added sugar. The brand has a year-round line up of Grapefruit, Pineapple, Black Cherry, Watermelon, Peach, and Lime flavors. For this summer only, you can also enjoy Mango and Passionfruit in the Tropical eight-pack.

High Noon Limited Tropical 8-pk

The award-winning hard seltzer isn’t just a great way to make your days off more enjoyable – it’s also a fantastic option for behind the bar. If you have an on-premise outlet with alcohol service at a pool or beach, High Noon is a great and refreshing canned hard seltzer that’s more premium and better tasting than the alternatives. So, you’re not only making your program easier and more profitable, you’re providing your guests with a high-end, best-tasting option. Even if your bar or restaurant isn’t waterside, High Noon is simply a delightful addition to any canned beverage program you have already implemented. You can even make the experience more upscale by serving High Noon poured with a high-impact garnish.

Pool with Mango

With their low ABV and classic can style, High Noon makes for the ultimate all-day sipper to bring to your preferred body of water. Whether you’re heading to the pool, a lake, or a beach, High Noon can come with you anywhere. Enjoy your days off, crack open an ice-cold High Noon hard seltzer!

The new pack is only available through September; make sure to pick up a pack for your beach bag ASAP.