This spring, Mad March Imports brings innovation to the Irish Spirits Category with its hand crafted, premium Poitin.

Mad March Hare Small Batch Poitin

Mad March Hare Small Batch Poitin

Quietly distilled in the hills of Dublin, Mad March Hare shares the heritage of this traditional spirit with the U.S. market, providing an exciting new offering for whiskey drinkers and non-whiskey drinkers alike.

Mad March Hare is carefully crafted using high quality, locally sourced North Dublin potatoes, to deliver a smooth and authentic Irish Poitin.

“With the U.S. market accounting for approximately 36% of Irish whiskey sales, and craft spirits continuously growing in popularity, we feel it is the perfect opportunity to introduce the U.S. consumer to a new Irish craft offering,” states John Ralph, Co-founder, Mad March Imports. “Our small batch, premium Poitin is an extremely smooth and approachable spirit with a unique character unlike any product on the market.”

Poitin was traditionally produced in remote and rural farming areas of Ireland, popularly distilled using potatoes. Though home distillation of the spirit was made illegal in 1661, production of Poitin continued underground, commonly taking advantage of windy, rainy weather to hide the smoke that came as a result of heating the stills. “Poitin plays a large role in the history of Irish spirits with an underground local distilling tradition similar to that of American Moonshine,” Ralph continued. “We look forward to bringing this Irish tradition to life in the U.S. and allowing consumers to discover the quality and heritage of Mad March Hare.”

Mad March Hare will be launching in on- and off-premise accounts in select markets in May 2015.