By Myrna Santos Mayor – Director, North America Grupo Caballero

As the Solera Standout Cocktail Competition came to a close this week in Spain, I realized that there was more than one winner in this close competition. First, our congratulations to Anthony Parks, with his original cocktail “The Stowaway,” which was crowned the winning recipe.

The Winning Cocktail 'The Stowaway' by Anthony Parks

The Winning Cocktail ‘The Stowaway’ by Anthony Parks

Photo Courtesy of Miguel Angel Páez – Handa Films

Our congratulations also goes to three other competitors: Chad Phillips, Christopher Day, and Sam Treadway. Thank you all for traveling so far to present your outstanding cocktail creations. The fantastic four!

Sharing in their success was Jerez de la Frontera, a city in Spain, with not only a big heart, but an even larger passion for its artisanal method of aging Sherries and Brandies, the Solera Method. Lastly the House of Lustau. We are so grateful for the tremendous response and enthusiasm of all who entered the Solera Standout and the partnership with Chilled magazine in managing it.

Gracias a todos, que se repita.