Larsen Cognac founder Jens Reidar was on a ship bound for the Americas when he found himself working in a small town north of Bordeaux.

What was meant to be a short stop over, turned into a life-long passion. Reidar fell in love with a local girl and then fell for cognac itself – the diversity of its soil, and the treasure that is a fine bottle of expertly distilled spirit. In 1926 the first bottle of signature Larsen Cognac is born.

Since then, the company has grown to include eight products with the latest launching this February in tandem with its launch in the US. The brand recently joined with Marussia Beverages USA for distribution. Currently, only the Aqua Ignis is available in the US.

“Benefiting from a high level of investment in 2019, in particular from a complete redesign of its range, Larsen House confirms its international potential. Historically strong in the Nordic countries and more recently in Asia, Maison Larsen is delighted to open up the dynamic American market with Marussia Beverages, which appears to be the ideal partner for our craft cognacs. ” explains Jérôme Durand, Managing Director of Cognacs Larsen.

Larsen Aqua Ignis VS Cognac

Larsen Aqua Ignis Cognac

The new launch is an Aqua Ignis (A.I.) and is the first Cognac in the world to be aged in steam toasted bottles. Each cask is built from traditional, fine-grained sessile oak sourced from the Tronçais forest in France. Once crafted, each cask then is submerged in hot water before being toasted over a fire. The process is repeated three times resulting in the oak being “steam toasted.” This technique is used to reduce the impact of any tannins, acidity and smokey notes that would usually be released. Instead, the liquid takes on intense notes of vanilla with added notes of mocha, brioche, and toasted bread all with a soft, silky finish.

The brand suggests that its cognac be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cognac glasses, to allow for the delicate notes and aromas to be experienced.