Jose Cuervo’s high-end extra añejo tequila, Reserva de la Familia opened the Galería de la Familia in downtown New York.

To celebrate the tequila’s artistic heritage and craftsmanship, they displayed canvas prints of their iconic bottle box artwork. Brooklyn-based artist, Eddie Perrote was commissioned to develop his own bottle box and print inspired by Reserva.

“Galeria de la Familia honors the legacy of the Jose Cuervo estate through the special tequila and art. Since 1995, the Cuervo family was the first to produce extra anejo tequila and appoint one Mexican artist each year to decorate the boxes. As a result, Reserva de la Familia celebrates Mexican heritage and craftsmanship and this event brings the whole process to life.”
– Sonia Espinola, the Director of Heritage for Jose Cuervo