A Partnership Worth ‘Hugging Out!’

A new partnership between one of world’s most well-known scotch whisky brands and the Entourage movie gives Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase some long overdue love in the spotlight. With his face on a set of limited edition bottles, the Johnny Drama Blend, brings the spirit of Johnnie Walker’s ‘Keep Walking’ campaign to life. As fans of the show know, the story revolves around a group of friends and their unrelenting pursuit of success.

So why Johnny Drama? If someone mapped it, we bet no one had more missteps than Drama. His path to success has been complicated, but through it all he keeps persevering. His unrelenting optimism is what the ‘Keep Walking’ campaign intends to inspire. And, as Entourage fans know, “Johnny drinks Johnnie!”

Johnny Drama Blend Johnnie Walker

Johnny Drama Blend Johnnie Walker

Diageo recruited Kevin Dillon, to star as his character Johnny ‘Drama,’ in a new short film for Johnnie Walker titled Johnny for Johnnie, which centers around Drama and his dream of hitting it big. In his dream, he appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the new Johnny Drama Label, as the new face of Johnny Walker.

The original short film was written and produced by “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin, and directed by Kevin Connolly, co-star of the show and movie.

The Johnny Drama Label will be available for a limited time with a suggested retail price of $65.15 to honor the movie’s 6.5.15 release date. Fans can follow @JohnnieWalkerUS on Facebook and Twitter for more information on the partnership and what’s to come.

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