By Leena Tailor (

Jenny McCarthy is launching her own flavored cocktail line, Blondies.

The product marks the culmination of a five-year dream to introduce a healthier and more convenient ready-made cocktail to the market.

“This is something I’ve been driving people around me nuts about for the past five years,” she tells Chilled. “I kept saying I want to make this drink because everything else has preservatives and tons of sugar. Everything’s so fake and phony. I also don’t like having to mix my drinks—it’s a pain in the butt going, ‘What should I add to my vodka?’”

“So I found a distributor and said, ‘Here’s what I want, can you make it happen? Coconut water—which we all know has electrolytes and is healthy—natural fruit juice, a little stevia and gluten-free vodka.’ I hoped it would taste natural, light, and tasty.”
– Jenny McCarthy


After adjusting the stevia level to lighten the sweetness, McCarthy was thrilled with the result. Naming the line Blondies for all the “fun, light” images the word conjures, she then teamed up with her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, to begin launching the line.

At the time, the Blue Bloods actor and New Kids on the Block singer was filming season eight of his Emmy-nominated A&E reality series Wahlburgers, which chronicles the Wahlberg clan (including actor brother Mark, chef Paul, and mom Alma) as they juggle personal lives and careers with their expanding burger empire.

Wahlberg and McCarthy put New Kids on the Block’s recent tourmates, Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men, to work taste-testing the drinks during one episode of the show.

“They were all good! They’ve got some good stuff coming out!”
– Nathan Morris


The drinks, which are available in lemonade and strawberry lemonade, have been sold exclusively in Wahlburgers restaurants for the line’s first two months on the market, but is now available nationwide. Joining forces with her husband’s family business for the liquor’s launch was fitting, given the fun role that vodka has played in the pair’s four-year romance.

McCarthy recalls many of the couple’s memorable dates involving vodka—and plenty of it!

“Vodka turns me into ‘fun Jenny,’ and the dates that I remember are salsa dancing in Burger King, having a tomato on my head in the back of a taxi, or when our friends have parties and we … disappear,” McCarthy hilariously dishes, before apologizing for the “TMI.”


Three years later, the couple couldn’t be more in love, and even took time out to renew their wedding vows on their recent anniversary. McCarthy says declaring the heartfelt words felt “even better” this time around. “Our lives are so busy, so to take that moment of just looking at each other and have it be just us and a minister—there was something really special about it,” she says. “Looking at him and saying those words, I [realized] I’m going upwards in my love, not down… and that’s different to every relationship I’ve had. Things would always not sparkle as much and not be as much fun, and it’s the opposite now.