This year, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday for the first time in a decade.

This means it’s time to get ready for the longest, most epic Cinco de Mayo celebration!

To make sure tequila fans are ready to party all day, Jose Cuervo is sharing their patented, exclusive fitness routine “Cinco-Cise.” Forget spin class or that dreadful boot camp, this program has been created with celebrity trainer, James Van Der Beek, to help prep and train for the big day.

Van Der Beek and Cuervo created the ultimate mind and body movement system designed to push your physical and mental limits. Target your core with our trademarked chip and guac sit-up, engage your arms with our Especial bicep curl, test your coordination toasting margaritas atop a plyometric box.

Train now, party on! To view all of the videos, CLICK HERE.