Shaw-Ross International Importers, LLC Inks Deal with JAJA Spirits, LLC to Launch New, Premium Tequila.

Shaw-Ross International Importers has announced an agreement with JAJA Spirits to introduce a new, premium Tequila. The JAJA founding team includes Elliot Tebele, his brother Maurice Tebele, and Martin Hoffstein. Elliot Tebele is the founder and creative mind behind the widely popular social media platform Jerry Media, which boasts more than 50 million followers.

Pronounced “HAHA” in English, the brand will initially offer two expressions, Blanco and Reposado, both made with 100% Agave Azul. Blanco will have a suggested retail price of $39.99 and Reposado at $49.99 per 750ml bottle.

“This represents the intersection of the spirits industry and an increasingly digital landscape. JAJA Tequila is perfectly suited to take advantage of the confluence of the industry with the digital world.”
– Scott Jove, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Shaw-Ross

JAJA Premium Tequila Blanco, bottle on white

JAJA Premium Tequila Blanco

“We created a brand that is unpretentious, colorful, and with an essence which is inspired by artists to the likes of Matisse, and Mark Rothko. The goal was to change the way people think and look at Tequila. Over the past several years, the perception of the Tequila spirit has really elevated itself. As brands emerged, they all had a similar archaic vibe—we totally flipped the script, and went with a light, cool, eco-friendly approach.”
– Elliot Tebele, Founder of Jerry Media and Co-Founder of JAJA Spirits

“We want everything about JAJA to be fun. Even our name, JAJA, which is an exclamation of laughter in Spanish is conveying our core beliefs; Smile, Laugh, Celebrate.”
– Martin Hoffstein, Co-Founder of JAJA Spirits

Maurice Tebele said the small batch tequilas are produced eco-friendly, are gluten-free and distilled three times in separate copper lined pot stills for a smooth, distinguished finish.

“We have taken a hands-on approach at our distillery in Jalisco, to ensure that everything about the production process adheres to our specifications. From slow cooking to natural fermentation, triple distillation, and aging, all of these processes must be precise and consistent—so we have boots on the ground making sure of it.”
– Maurice Tebele, President of JAJA Spirits

JAJA Premium Tequila Reposado, bottle on white, featured image

JAJA Premium Tequila Reposado

“Aside from the quality of the tequila there is a remarkable marketing opportunity with Jerry Media’s massive social media influence,” said Jove. Jerry Media has extensive experience promoting spirits and we’re confident the introduction of JAJA Tequila will be a home run.”
– Scott Jove, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Shaw-Ross

Tebele said JAJA will partner with Drizly, the world’s largest online alcohol marketplace, as its e-commerce partner.

“We are excited to partner with JAJA Tequila to help launch and grow their brand. What the Jerry Media team has accomplished in the digital world is extraordinary and their product is top notch. Combining our strengths should jumpstart their launch, which we have every reason to believe will be a big success.”
– Taylor Burton, Drizly VP Strategic Partnerships

Jove said they anticipate the tequilas on shelves mid-summer, 2018.

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