Convenient One-Shot Glass Bottles Sized to Seize the Moment.

Jägermeister announces some big little news: the launch of the “Mini Meister,” a new 20-milliliter bottle, which will come in 10-pack “Prost Packs.” Each 20ml bottle is sized perfectly to add into a single beverage or enjoy on its own as a shot. Friendable, freezable and portable, the new bottle size fulfills the on-the-go desires expressed by Jägermeister fans. With ten bottles in each pack, Mini Meisters are ideal for any group celebration.

“Jägermeister’s goal is to regain our position as innovative leaders in the spirits industry. Our initial step in taking back this role is the launch our first-to-market 20ml Mini Meister Prost Pack. Each 20ml bottle in the Prost Pack stands out as a perfect serving size, up for any occasion. Smaller sized bottles have been outperforming their larger counterparts in terms of consumer purchases and we see the potential in European markets such as Austria, where a remarkable 31 million 20ml bottles were sold last year.”
– Marcus Thieme, Chief Marketing Officer at Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc.

Jägermeister Unbottles One-of-a-Kind 20ml 'Mini Meister'

Created with the needs of consumers in mind, the Mini Meister Prost Pack is simple to carry and fits easily in a home freezer or refrigerator for quick grab-and-go. Additionally, the Mini Meister is unique in that it is glass, not plastic like other smaller-sized bottles, allowing the bottle to chill more quickly and serve as a drinking vessel on its own. Its lightweight size makes travel, tailgating, summer parties and barbecues a breeze – and there’s no more measuring for mixed drinks.

Jägermeister Unbottles One-of-a-Kind 20ml 'Mini Meister'

The Jägermeister Mini Meister Prost Packs will be available at grocery, liquor, drug and convenience stores in exclusive markets including Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Massachusetts and retail for around $10.00.

The Mini Meister Prost Packs are sold and can be purchased only in a 10-pack of 20ml bottles. The 20ml bottles contained in the Prost Packs are not for individual sale. Jägermeister Mini Meister Das Prost Pack, 10 x 20ml +200ml.

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