Iconic Vessel Sets the Bar High With More Defined Shape, Bolder Logo Type, and Taller Size.

Raising its glass to supreme quality and heritage, Jägermeister is proud to unveil a new incarnation of its iconic green bottle, designed to be as unique and special as the spirit inside. While the recipe for Jägermeister, based on a complex blending of 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits, remains unchanged, the new bottle design more optimally embodies the quality and history of the signature herbal liqueur.

Jägermeister Introduces New Bottle Design, top and shoulders view, new cap

“The new Jägermeister bottle symbolizes the craftsmanship behind our product and strengthens the message around the brand’s high quality standards, while also celebrating its rich past. What consumers will see on the new bottle are Jägermeister’s values, process and history proudly displayed like never before; for a family-owned company, this design stands as a symbol of the company’s never-ending commitment to quality.”
– Jeff Popkin, CEO of Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc.


This is the fifth time the bottle has been redesigned over the course of the brand’s 80+ year history. All bottles, from the 50ml miniature to the 1.75L size, will have a new look in the more than 100 countries around the globe where Jägermeister is available.

The bottle redesign features:

  • A more defined shape, with higher, more squared-off shoulders
  • A more mature and realistic stag in its natural environment
  • A framed label with a reinvented shape
  • Bold logo type and additional depth and dynamism through fine lines
  • New copy that provides information on the product and the quality process

In addition, the bottle’s newly enhanced cap is ultra-premium and bears the signature of the spirit’s founder, Curt Mast, along with the year 1878, commemorating when his father, Wilhelm, created the company.

Another prominent feature of the new bottle is its height: The iconic packaging now stands taller than its predecessor. The 750ml size stands at 9.2” tall (compared with the old size of 8.5”); the 1L now stands at 10.5” tall (vs. 9.5”).

Jägermeister Introduces New Bottle Design, new cap and top view, shoulders

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