Southern Comfort and Wieden + Kennedy New York are pleased to introduce a new way to get your weather.

The site, the latest in the “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign, which launched with this spot in August of 2012, features our speedo wearing, Southern Comfort drinking man, doing his thing in the rain, the snow, the wind and of course, the sun.
The site is accessible via mobile and tablet, and is a unified experience across all platforms. The site will pick up your location, so if it is snowing in your city, it is snowing on our guy. He’s comfortable in any environment. There are over 80 different scenarios in all.



Here are some examples of the various settings you’ll find him in:

[tabgroup][tab title=”Hail”][/tab] [tab title=”Hot Temperatures”][/tab] [tab title=”Windy”][/tab] [tab title=”Lightning”][/tab] [/tabgroup]

The “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign, much like the Southern Comfort brand, was created to celebrate and inspire the awesome attitude of people who are completely comfortable with themselves. is another way to celebrate this attitude. To get your weather visit