glenlivet tri-pack product packagePrized and celebrated for almost 200 years, legendary Speyside Single Malt The Glenlivet today announces the introduction of The Glenlivet 200 ML Tri-Pack, a new permanent pack containing one bottle each of The Glenlivet 12YO, 15YO & 18YO, all in a 200 ML size.

A favorite of connoisseurs and bartenders, The Glenlivet is the number-one-selling single malt whisky, the second fastest growing spirits category, in the United States. The Glenlivet 200 ML Tri-Pack has been created to drive trial of the brand’s higher marques and recruit new consumers to the superior taste and quality of The Glenlivet.

“Consumer research tells us that Single Malt drinkers are eager to learn more and pass on their whisky knowledge. They’re enthusiasts who want to share their passion for the spirit with others. The Glenlivet 200 ML Tri-Pack makes it easy to organize at-home tastings to introduce The Glenlivet to friends and bring them into the club,” explains JC Iglesias, Marketing Director, Scotch for Pernod Ricard USA.
[pullquote_left]It also makes an ideal gift for the discerning man looking to sample higher marques, and encourages trading up through the range.”[/pullquote_left]

The Glenlivet 200 ML Tri-Pack box has been specially designed to make the most of the in-home tasting experience. Once the outer sleeve is removed, consumers are provided with valuable product information, introductions to The Glenlivet and tasting, and a link to become a Guardian of The Glenlivet, a free club that brings together Single Malt fans from around the globe.

“The rituals of tasting and sharing knowledge with like-minded whisky lovers are important components of the Single Malt experience,” added Iglesias. “The Glenlivet 200 ML Tri-Pack makes it easy.”

The Glenlivet 200 ML Tri-Pack includes one bottle each of The Glenlivet 12 YO (40% ABV), The Glenlivet 15YO (40% ABV) and 18YO (46% ABV). The pack will retail for a suggested price of $54.99.