Southern Comfort has a new commercial called “Karate” which will begin airing in the US at the beginning of September. The new spot is a follow up to the “Shampoo” spot which debuted a few weeks ago.

Interesting Facts about the spot:

  • For the “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign, we were/are casting for people that naturally embody the Whatever’s Comfortable attitude. The character in the launch spot (“Beach”) was an example of that. The character getting his hair washed in “Shampoo” is also a great example of that, which is further revealed in “Karate”. The actor was chosen for the role after the creatives at Wieden + Kennedy saw his casting tape, in which it was clear that he naturally embodies the Whatever’s Comfortable attitude. Based on that casting tape (in which he did karate) the director (Tim Godsall) and the creative team wrote a second script based on who he naturally was.
  • The actor is actually skilled in the martial arts and owns a handful of dojos.
  • The director was Tim Godsall, who has directed all the Southern Comfort spots in the campaign.
  • The song is called “I’m a Fool to Care” by Les Paul & Mary Ford.