The midnight sun has set on Iceland Airwaves 2013, and festival goers are fondly recalling their favorite experiences – from the music festival that electrified the entire city to some seriously good cocktails made by festival sponsor Reyka Vodka.

As Iceland’s leading craft vodka, Reyka kept both bands – including headliners Kraftwerk – and festival goers energized with a host of Reyka-infused cocktails, highlighted by the Glacial Serve, in which ice was chipped off an iceberg shipped into a festival bar.

This year’s unofficial stars: the members of Caveman, who unlike the rest of the festival’s line-up were handpicked by Reyka, due to their independent spirit inspiring the brand. The band was seemingly omnipresent, playing their official shows at Art Museum and Bar 11, and popping up guerrilla-style at Kvosin, festival epicenter Kex, and for a surprise concert in an Icelandic cave! Caveman seemed to strike a chord with music fans by far outplaying their set-times, and doing it with a graciousness to both Icelanders and Reyka Vodka, the latter whom made their presence possible. In addition to the bands, Reyka further supplied the festival with two super-fans, who were able to follow Caveman and their favorite bands to Iceland and back.

Reyka’s participation was none more present than afloat in Reykjavik’s harbor, where the Reyka Glacier remained as a beacon for the festival’s guests. The installation was a call to Reyka’s dedication to Iceland’s geography in distillation- in this case, naturally filtered glacial spring water that lends an unparalleled purity and clean flavor to Iceland’s own small batch vodka. Lit up in the night hours, the Reyka Glacier was a gorgeous spectacle, supplementing Reykjavik’s unique beauty.