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Pernod Ricard USA®, a leading producer, importer and marketer of premium spirits and wine brands and creator of the highly acclaimed BarSmarts Bartender Education and Certification Program, is proud to partner with the 2014 Tales of the Cocktail as exclusive sponsor of this year’s Cocktail Apprentice Program. The Tales of the Cocktail Cocktail Apprentice Program is designed to provide enthusiastic bartenders the chance to develop their craft side-by-side with some of the world’s most renowned mixologists during the 2014 Tales of the Cocktail event, running July 16th through July 20th.

The Cocktail Apprentice Program (CAP) was established in 2008 to support the Tales educational seminars cocktail making needs. Each year, the CAP team makes batched cocktails for over 75 events in four days each with 100 to 1000 attendees. A team of approximately70 apprentices are chosen from around the globe based on applications submitted directly to Tales of the Cocktail. This team and the role they fulfill are a key focus and critical component of the Tales of the cocktail event and the CAP culture.

Pernod Ricard USA’s proprietary BarSmarts progam is a unique, industry-leading bartender training and education program that targets the profession at all levels through two formats of accredited training and education. BarSmarts Advanced is a program that includes a selection of videos, an online workbook, and sample certification tests. The program culminates with a full day program of instruction, education, mixology, testing, and formal certification for the program’s top performers in each market. There is an on-line only version of BarSmarts that targets a broader range of bartending professions and want-to-be’s with the opportunity to participate through a web-based education and certification program offered exclusively through password-protected entrance to the site.

“BarSmarts launched in 2008 and has grown to become the industry’s premier training program,” noted Chris Patino, Brand Education, Director for Pernod Ricard USA. “To date, we have hosted 33 events and trained nearly 8000 individuals who are truly eager to learn and are dedicated to the craft of bartending. It is a logical and natural transition that we join forces with Tales of the Cocktail to create a great educational experience for a new field of up-and-coming bartenders at the industry’s premier cocktail event.”

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