The signature, vibrant taste of MARTINI vermouth originates from a blend of some of the world’s finest botanicals.

The portfolio includes blends from a mix of 40 different herbs, like red-rose buds from Morocco, orange peel from Spain and juniper that grows wild in the hills of Tuscany. Ivano Tonutti, master herbalist for the more than 150-year-old iconic Italian brand, searches the world selecting from only the most sustainable sources of botanicals and herbs, grown by the most trusted farmers.

“It’s very important that we have good relationships with the farmers. We rely on them to nurture and grow the natural ingredients that go into our vermouths season after season. Consumers expect the same refreshing taste each and every time they enjoy MARTINI,” says Tonutti. “It’s a personal relationship as much as a business arrangement for MARTINI. It’s just the way we do business.”

It is in that spirit of sustainability that MARTINI ensures no part of the botanical goes to waste. What is left over from production is transformed into briquettes – amounting to 200 tons each year. This is used as stable bedding for cattle, and later turned into compost.

“The botanical comes from the earth, and then goes back. The cycle of life is complete,” explains Tonutti. “Our goal is to put back at least as much as we take out from the environment.”

“Sustainability is very important for MARTINI. It’s part of the culture, it’s part of our passion – our gioia di vivere (joy of living) – in everything we do,” adds Tonutti.

As part of the ongoing MARTINI commitment to protect the environment and reach a net-zero impact, the brand has had a more than 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and cut its water use by nearly four percent at MARTINI facilities around the world in the past eight years.

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