Hudson Valley Distillers, which opened in April 2014 is the newest addition to the region’s craft spirits boom, located on Clermont, NY’s Spirits Grove Farm.

hudson-valley-distilleryHVD was founded by longtime friends Thomas Yozzo – who acts as head distiller -and Chris Moyer after relocating their families to the Hudson Valley to pursue their passion for craft spirits and commitment to supporting family farms. Hudson Valley Distillers is also a great example of a farm distillery that is poised for growth and benefit from the long awaited New York Craft Act (bill A10122). HVD is planning to open the Spirits Grove Cocktail Café in November 2014, when the act is expected to take effect.

This long time initiative by Governor Cuomo will have an extremely positive impact on the state’s craft spirits industry by easing the laws and regulations that make it difficult for small producers to effectively market and sell their products – allowing farm distilleries like HVD to sell their spirits for consumption on-premises. The café will offer food made with ingredients from local family farms, signature cocktails, as well as live music, tastings and special events.


Hudson Valley Distillers: Product List

Hudson Valley Distillers’ Vodka: Made from apples grown less than 5 miles away.
Adirondack Applejack: Adirondack applejack is produced with Hudson Valley apples then aged in white oak barrels like American Whisky.
Chancellor’s Hardscrabble Applejack: Hardscrabble Applejack has a strong American oak start, with hints of caramel and vanilla and a smooth, aged finish.

Upcoming Releases:

Chancellor’s Raw Bourbon: This limited edition, premium white whiskey is made using fresh, locally sourced corn, malted barley rye, smooth and fragrant with a clean finish.
Clear Mountain Whisky: Clear Mountain Whiskey is aged in American white oak barrels.
Tom’s Old Tom Gin: Tom’s Old Tom Gin is aged in American white oak barrels. This premium gin is produced using a carefully developed, unique botanical profile of cardamom, sumac, cucumber, juniper, anise, lavender and caraway.
Spirits Grove Gin: Spirits Grove Gin is produced using a carefully developed, unique botanical profile of cardamom, sumac, cucumber, juniper, anise, lavender and caraway.
Spirits Grove Fine Shine: Hudson Valley Distillers’ Spirits Grove Fine Shine is a premium eau-de- vie made with locally sourced apples from a farm less than five miles from the distillery. This clear apple spirit captures the essence of the farm fresh fruit from which it’s produced with a strong spicy finish.

About Hudson Valley Distillers

Established in mid-2014, Hudson Valley Distillers (Clermont, NY) is the latest addition to the region’s craft spirits boom. HVD’s line of spirits currently includes Hudson Valley Vodka, Adirondack Applejack and Chancellor’s Hardscrabble Applejack and has plans to release a number of other products in the coming months – all of which are produced using locally sourced ingredients from local family farms within 5 miles of the distillery.

Hudson Valley Distillers was founded by longtime friends Chris Moyer and Thomas Yozzo, who also acts as head distiller. In 2012 Moyer and Yozzo decided to relocate their families to the Hudson Valley in order to pursue their dream of opening a craft distillery. The two families bought a small property in Clermont, NY, which they’ve named Spirits Grove Farm – a long abandoned nursery that they’ve spent over two years to bring back to life. The two families renovated the 150-year-old barn into the main distillation area and retail space and are working to revive the orchard and green houses where they’ll be able to grow their own apples and botanicals.

Hudson Valley Distillers will also be opening the Spirits Grove Cocktail Café. The café, which will be located on the distillery’s property, will serve food made with locally sourced ingredients, HVD’s signature cocktails and spirits in addition to live music and special tasting events. Spirits Grove Cocktail Café is slated to open in November 2014, pending bill A10122, which will allow farm distilleries to sell their spirits and serve cocktails for retail consumption on the distillery’s premises.

The distillery also shows its deep appreciation for Clermont’s history, naming both their Chancellor’s Hardscrabble Applejack and soon to be released Chancellor’s Raw Bourbon in honor of Chancellor Robert Livingston – a tribute to the former owner of the land where HVD now stands. Hudson Valley Distillers offers distillery tours, which gives guests the opportunity to see all aspects of the spirits production process – from growing ingredients to fermentation, distillation and bottling. HVD’s line of premium craft spirits are available for purchase at the distilleries onsite tasting room (TASTING ROOM HOURS: 12-6PM FRIDAY THRU SUNDAY), online via Mid Valley Wine & Liquor in addition to a number restaurants and spirits shops throughout the Hudson Valley.