William Grant & Sons and 4th Row Films are excited to announce that the cocktail culture film (which they partnered together to create), Hey Bartender (theatrical release: 2013), made its inaugural television premiere on SHOWTIME on June 26th and will soon be available on Netflix.

HeyBartenderInPostHey Bartender chronicles two individuals trying to achieve their bartending dreams. Interspersed throughout the film is commentary from some of the industry’s most prominent bartenders and restaurateurs, providing historical perspective and insight into this time honored profession. Notables in the film include Dale DeGroff “King Cocktail,” Charlotte Voisey, Expert Mixologist for William Grant & Sons, Jim Meehan of PDT, Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair (owner of Monkey Bar) and others!

Here are several cocktails and cocktail tips from the bartenders featured in the film:

  • Cocktails for summer solstice: delicious drinks to enjoy on the longest day of the year
  • Classic cocktails 101: Classic cocktails made simple for the at home bartender
  • Stocking your bar for summer cocktailing: build a perfect summer bar with a few essential
  • Perfecting punches, and more!

About “Hey Bartender”:

The film follows Steve Schneider, a retired U.S. Marine who suffered a life-threatening injury just prior to his deployment to Iraq. Steve turns his focus into becoming a principal bartender at Employees Only, a top craft cocktail bar in New York City. On the other end of the spectrum is Steve “Carpi” Carpentieri, a former bank executive, who owns Dunville’s, a corner bar in his hometown of Westport, Connecticut where pints and shots reign. He begins to explore the craft world in an attempt to keep his struggling bar afloat in a community that no longer values a place where “everyone knows your name.”

“Hey Bartender” captures the highs and lows of these two bartenders as they each strive for their own brand of success, from their late nights behind the bar to the mornings after, and their experiences at the annual bartender gathering, Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

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