distiller logoDistiller, the whiskey discovery platform, launched to facilitate exploration, education and personalized recommendations for whiskey lovers. Currently web based, Distiller is filling a void in the spirits market by creating a companion platform for the whiskey curious and turning the fragmented process of exploring whiskey into a more simple and personalized experience.

The Distiller interface allows users to explore and discover all types of whiskey through a flow of filters based on your mood, personal knowledge, context, preferences and budget to provide fully personalized bottle recommendations. Choosing between these filters algorithmically leads to said recommendation from an expansive database of whiskeys that have been vetted and reviewed by the Distiller “Tasting Table.” By creating a profile in Distiller, users can save and track recommendations using the “Top Shelf” feature. The Top Shelf allows users to curate their virtual whiskey collection, which is easily shareable with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and personalized URL.

We’ve had a personal passion for whiskey for quite awhile, but there’s a barrier to entry to exploring, discovering and learning about the vast world of whiskey,” said Mikael Mossberg, Co-founder of Distiller.” Distiller was created to be the ultimate guide to making whiskey discovery more approachable and engaging in one seamless platform so you can explore smarter, discover faster and discern better,” said Brent Stiefel, Co-founder of Distiller.

Each whiskey has its own Distiller rating which sums up the taster’s review based on factors, which include the taster’s description, tasting notes and evaluation of the flavor profile. Currently, Distiller’s Tasting Table includes Stephanie Moreno and Rob Morton. Stephanie Moreno is a leading expert in Scotch and world whiskies and was formerly a spirits buyer for one of the most highly regarded spirit retailers in Manhattan. Rob Morton is co-owner of Idle Hands, the well-known New York whiskey bar, and is well versed in whiskey selection, particularly American whiskeys.

Learn more at www.drinkdistiller.com, on Twitter and on Facebook.