5 Brooklyn and Manhattan bars were selected as part of the Bourbon Review’s “America’s 60 Best Bourbon Bar”s as part of the magazine’s sixth anniversary issue list. The Brooklyn & Manhattan bars that made the list are:

  • Beast of Bourbon (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Char No. 4 (Brooklyn, New York)
  • Brandy Library (Manhattan, New York)
  • Flatiron Room (Manhattan, New York)
  • Maysville (Manhattan, New York)

To celebrate, The Bourbon Review has partnered with Four Roses Bourbon for a nationwide “toast” to each of the 60 establishments recently selected. The event will take place on September 30, when The Bourbon Review and Four Roses Bourbon will encourage fans to take part in the “toast” by tagging their favorite bourbon bar from the list using the hashtag #60Toast.

“The criteria for the list was simple,” said Justin Thompson of the Bourbon Review. “The bar needed to prominently display Bourbon, educate patrons about Bourbon and provide a superior selection. The winning bars also have a reputation for creating both unique and traditional Bourbon cocktails.”

The 60 Bourbon Bars selected by The Bourbon Review are broken down by regions:

  • Bourbon Country region
  • Midwest region
  • Northeast region
  • Southern region
  • Western region

“Our relationship with Four Roses has grown over the years and we are thankful for their support,” said Thompson. “We’re happy to partner with Four Roses to congratulate these stellar bourbon venues across the country.”

For a full list & more info on each bar available at