Made from Basmati rice and pure Himalayan spring water, India’s largest and most successful distillers, NV Group, launched SMOKE LAB VODKA in the United States.

Varun Jain, the founder of SMOKE LAB, inspired and guided India’s first-ever homegrown, luxury vodka. The vodka is manufactured one batch at a time and crafted with locally sourced, high-quality Basmati rice; a crop native to the country. Starting October 1st, SMOKE LAB VODKA Classic and SMOKE LAB VODKA Aniseed will be available in New York, New Jersey, and California. The company plans to further expand in 2021.

Smoke Lab Vodka Classic and Aniseed, bottles on white

Smoke Lab Vodka Classic and Aniseed

“We chose Basmati rice as the spirit base for SMOKE LAB VODKA because of its distinctive nutty flavor and unique floral aroma and because Basmati is intrinsically linked with our homeland of India,” commented Jain. “The Basmati selected for SMOKE LAB VODKA is cultivated in close proximity to the distillery to ensure freshness.”

India is responsible for 70% of the world’s basmati rice production. Once the rice is harvested, it is steeped in pure Himalayan natural spring water before it undergoes a five-step distillation process using charcoal filtration. It then goes through a two-step Sparkle Filtration process which utilizes a clean and smooth finish.

SMOKE LAB VODKA Classic is bottled at 40% ABV with fresh nutty aromas that meet the nose, followed by subtle citrus fruits. SMOKE LAB VODKA Aniseed explores the loved Indian herb, with notes of fennel and licorice. The 37.5% ABV has a creamy and sweetness to the lips with a fennel blossom finish.

Jain joined the group in 2007 and has successfully piloted the launch and creation of SMOKE LAB VODKA — a world-class vodka with an innovative mindset. The brand is also developing new spirits in other categories which will further empathize with India’s story.

“US consumers seek to discover new brands with authentic quality stories. We believe our unique story and the passion of our mission to introduce our spirits of India to the world is evident in every drop of SMOKE LAB VODKA. We are excited for US retailers, on-premise operators, and ultimately consumers to embrace the realization of our dream,” added Jain.