Place a bottle of paradise under the tree.

Ron Abuelo, 12 Años (Gran Reserva)

Aged in hand-selected American oak barrels with a final maturation at a lower proof to create a rum of exceptional character, Abuelo’s 12 Años is an intense and opulent spirit. Aromas of cocoa, toasted wood and nuts lead into a balanced palate of vanilla, dried fruit and tobacco that finishes with a lingering note of chocolate.

Mezan XO

Drink and be merry with unaltered Mezan XO. This unsweetened, uncolored, and unchill filtered rum represents the purest and most authentic style of Caribbean rums. Our unique blended rum is aged in ex-Bourbon barrels then distilled in a pot still to bring out tropical flavors of Jamaica.

Stroh 160 Rum

Fill your holidays with The Spirit of Austria – STROH 160 Rum! Rich aromas of butterscotch and vanilla make this the perfect overproof rum for mixing in cocktails, hot drinks, baking recipes, and flambés. It is always the right season for the unmistakable STROH aroma.

Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star, 8 Year

Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star, distilled in Haiti from pure cane juice, is aged 8 years in Limousin oak. Fully benefiting from its Haitian soil, Rhum Barbancourt has a powerful and complex flavor, bearing terroir-driven aromas, including fruit, vanilla and pepper. Intended for sipping on the rocks (86 proof).

Big 5 Rum

Big 5 Rum

Big 5 Rum is named for prominent social clubs in Cuba in the 1950s. Big 5 embodies the spirit of old Havana, where island relaxation meets a lively social scene. Sip a cocktail made with Big 5 Rum and find yourself part of not just a club, but a way of life.