Give the gift of flavor.

Bebo Cuban Coffee Liqueur

Made from 100% pure Cuban Arabica coffee beans and handpicked in the mountains of Sierra Maestra in the East of Cuba, this liqueur has a distinctive taste. The unique aroma is from the hidden gem beans made from one of the best coffee’s in the world.

Grande Absente

Grande Absente 138 proof, the authentic absinthe, is bitter, aromatic and intense, made with Wormwood, Anise, and 11 other herbs. Comes with the ritual absinthe spoon.

Mozart Liqueur Gift Set

Be sure to impress by giving the gift of a Mozart Liqueur gift set. A perfect creamy blend of Belgian chocolate, fresh cream, and vanilla makes Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur a unique Austrian specialty. Enjoy lightly chilled or create a cocktail in paired tumbler glass.

Barenjager Honey Gift Set

Give the gift of sweetness this year with a Barenjager Honey Liqueur gift set. At 70 proof, it is the perfect addition to any cocktail in need of an all-natural and gluten-free sweetener with a little kick. This gift set includes special honeycomb textured glass.

Echte Kroatzbeere

A true classic, Thienelt Echte Kroatzbeere is a wild blackberry liqueur that has delighted countless palates for around 100 years. The secret of its success is the original recipe, based on aromatic wild forest blackberries. This is a must-have for all whether expert or beginner.

Ole Smoky Shine Nog

Ole Smoky Shine Nog

The holidays are the perfect time of year to enjoy Ole Smoky® Shine Nog. We took a traditional recipe and added our exceptional moonshine to create a holiday hooch that’ll help you handle all the chaos of the season. Let mirth and merriment commence.

Marie Brizard Liqueurs

A wide range of all-natural liqueurs, Anisette, Apry and Chocolate Royal are complex recipes that made their mark in history. Created in 1763 by Marie Brizard herself, and made from fresh ingredients from all over the world. Why Marie Brizard?

  • A Unique Know-How Since 1755 – Each liqueur, distilled in our stills for 260 years, has a « soul » made of a specific combination of spirits and infusions. This soul is given the time it deserves to deliver its best aromas, and rests for 6-30 days.
  • A Demanding Ingredients Selection – More than 400 ingredients are carefully selected from all over the world, with a yearly selection based on harvests quality. Sourcing is made from the best experts: French chocolate manufacturers, Vanilla from Madagascar, and Oranges from Haiti.
  • Excellent Quality Price Ratio – Simply the best choice for those who want to use high quality liqueurs at a reasonable price.