Fun gifts and gadgets that are must-haves behind the bar.


Meet PicoStill, Pico brewing appliances new distilling attachment. Affordable, quality design elevates craft brewing for professional distillers and home brewers alike. Distill pilot batches of spirits safely and more precisely, or use PicoStill to capture the essence of hops and other oils and imbue food and beverages with unique flavors and aromas. It’s the ultimate add-on.
Originally priced at $349, but for the month of November, get it for $240!

No. 552 Cooper & Thief Bartender Bag

It’s in the bag with the Billykirk and Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters leather bartender bag.

HeadLimes, F&B industry’s most cutting-edge innovation that not only makes lime squeezing (or any citrus) more fun and festive, it also prevents you from drinking bacteria from the fruit rinds. If you would like small volume Custom Logo HeadLimes, please click here.
$9.99 –

Barfly Stainless Steel Hawthorne Strainer

Manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel for durability and with a heavy-duty spring which provides an excellent fit with shakers and mixing glasses, Heavy-Duty Spring Bar Strainer ensures exacting results every time. Available in a variety of finishes.

Barfly Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

Shake up the perfect cocktail this season with elegant three-piece heavy-weight shaker set. Available in six finishes.

Mezcal Creyente x Glacce Crystal Ritual Mixology Kit

Crystals have officially taken over all things wellness and décor. Mezcal Creyente teamed up with luxury spiritual company, Glacce, to launch the first at-home mixology kit designed to infuse cocktails with crystal energy.
Retail $499 – Sold exclusively at

Rockler Wood Turning Kit

The best gifts are handmade. Craft your own bar tools with Rockler’s new turning kits.