Hendrick’s Gin has appointed two new ambassadors to the United States – Fred Parent and Sebastien Derbomez.

As Hendrick’s Gin ambassadors, they shall serve as gin specialists and purveyors of the peculiar – staging unusual events, tastings and other happenings involving creativity and cocktails.

Previously our ambassador to Australia, Sebastien (Seb) Derbomez, will assume the role of East Coast U.S. ambassador from a home base of New York City. Originally from France, Seb began his career bartending at Nobu, London, later finding himself in Australia, where he won a multitude of awards – from the playful (‘Top 10 Australian Hottest Bartenders’) to the substantive (‘Best Bar Manager’), as well as top place at numerous cocktail competitions. When not concocting the finest tipples Hendrick’s has to offer, he can be found traveling to exotic locales, attempting to contact indigenous tribesman or simply playing soccer with his mates.


Photo Courtesy of Hendricks Gin

Fred Parent shall take on the post of Central and Southern U.S. Ambassador with Chicago as his base of operations. After serving as a bartender and beverage director throughout New York City, Fred founded an enterprise called “Mixed Neat”, catering exquisite events featuring marvellous expressions of cocktailing. We persuaded him to become a Hendrick’s Gin associate in 2014 and after watching his bravura performances on our Flying Cucumber Airship, we appointed him to his new and illustrious role. Deeply influenced by the musical arts, Fred sees cocktails and recorded music as “contemporaries and co-conspirators.”

Fred and Seb will join Mark Stoddard and Jim Ryan to round out our U.S. diplomatic corps. Mark Stoddard shall continue to serve as West Coast U.S. ambassador from his base in San Francisco while Jim remains our national leader, traveling to all ends of these 50 states with a home base in New York.

With this fearless foursome, unusual cocktailists from one end of the country to the other can expect to be surprised, astonished and delighted with experiences far outside the ordinary.

For more information, visit HendricksGin.com.