New aluminum bottles available at ULTRA’s Heineken House and select Miami bars transform under black light to showcase glowing Miami skyline.

In addition, “This One Is On Us” innovation provides free water to ULTRA festival goers.

Heineken®, the official malt beverage of Miami’s ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL, is debuting new offerings that will enhance the experience for festival goers and fans throughout Miami.

During ULTRA, March 24th to 26th, 2017, at Miami’s Bayfront Park, Heineken is introducing all-new, Miami-specific aluminum bottles, which completely transform under black light. In typical light, the sleek aluminum bottles are silver on top and feature Heineken’s signature green on the bottom, with the word “Miami” in the center. Under black light, the bottle turns black, and a glowing Miami skyline appears wrapped around the bottle’s neck, with the word Miami glowing against the dark background.

The rare bottles will be available exclusively at the Heineken House at ULTRA and at select bars throughout Miami this year. Heineken will also debut exclusive, city-specific aluminum bottles in other select U.S. markets in 2017.

“We wanted to find a way to reflect Miami’s unique style and energy through an exclusive bottle design. By launching these rare bottles at ULTRA and at some of the most premium Miami bars and hot spots, we’re inviting fans across south Florida to raise a Heineken to this incredible city.”
– Pattie Falch, brand director for sponsorships and events at Heineken USA

Heineken Miami Day

Heineken Miami Day

In another enhancement to this year’s ULTRA festival, Heineken is launching “This One Is On Us” in the United States for the first time, a program that provides complimentary water to attendees. Consumers can visit a water bar in the Heineken House to receive free cups of water. Heineken will also sponsor all of the water stations throughout the festival, at which attendees can fill their own water bottles and stay hydrated, courtesy of Heineken.

“This One Is On Us” is part of Heineken’s commitment to Brewing a Better World, by offering initiatives that make responsible consumption and sustainable practices easier, and more relevant to our fans. “This One Is On Us” debuted at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, as part of the brand’s activation for their Holland Heineken House with the Netherlands’ National Olympic Committee. Heineken will also be extending complimentary water programs to other festivals, including offering free water at the Heineken House at the upcoming Coachella festival.

Heineken Miami Night

Heineken Miami Night

“Through our Brewing a Better World platform, our goal is to develop new innovations for music lovers that enhance the experience, and encourage responsible consumption. At this year’s ULTRA Music Festival, we’re excited to launch our “This One Is On Us” program in the U.S., and we encourage fans to have fun, enjoy the music and enjoy Heineken & ULTRA responsibly.”
– Bjorn Trowery, Director of External Communications at HEINEKEN USA

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