Heineken is looking to Birra Moretti for growth with its innovative new draught beer system, BLADE.

Italian import Birra Moretti will combine with BLADE to deliver a premium, international craft draught beer experience and a “taste of home” to consumers in Italian restaurants, pizzerias, and other on-premise accounts that may have considered their beer volume too low to warrant the traditional draught system investment. Birra Moretti and BLADE is a way for smaller volume accounts to boost their beer profits with a unique system that guarantees brewery-fresh draught for 30 days and, with nearly 100% yield, ensures less waste.

Birra Moretti, Italian in origin and brewed with simple yet exceptional ingredients, has been chosen to lead the effort by Heineken USA to expand distribution of both the brand and the new draught system.

“Birra Moretti understands the genuine pleasure of pairing a great beer with great food in great company. Italian credentials, pleasure in ingredients and food, and authentic Italian cuisine and culture differentiates Birra Moretti from its competitors. With BLADE, this experience can be brought to new points of distribution, including pizza cafes, small restaurants, concessions and food halls.”
– Amberly Hilinski, Senior Brand Manager, Five Points Trading Company

Birra Moretti and BLADE, draught system on white

Birra Moretti and BLADE

Birra Moretti and BLADE are being sold through Heineken USA’s Five Points Trading Company. Chicago, Boston and Metro New York are first up in the launch, followed soon thereafter by Baltimore, Albuquerque and the New England states.

“While Heineken is a world leader in managing and growing big brands, Five Points provides a dedicated and focused selling organization to smaller brands like Birra Moretti, so we can partner closely with distributors and adapt quickly to market opportunities. Birra Moretti and BLADE are set to capitalize on consumer curiosity about different international beers and to meet trade demand for profitable draught delivery.”
– Amberly Hilinski

BLADE fits on a countertop in a 12” x 19” area, requires no cleaning or maintenance, no installation, and weighs only 38 lbs. BLADE operates with Heineken USA’s proprietary BrewLock® system that pushes air between multiple layers within an 8-liter disposable PET keg, squeezing the inner wall and driving the beer out. The beer remains untouched by outside influences and is served only with the natural carbonation that is already in the beer. BLADE requires no keg deposit or costly line cleaning or CO2. Birra Moretti is a premium quality, award-winning Italian beer made in the traditional way utilizing a production process that has remained unchanged since 1859.

On-premise accounts who may have assumed their beer volume was too low to justify a traditional draught program, can now get into the game easily and profitably with a unique new system paired with a beer brand that satisfies their customers’ demand for choice. BLADE and Birra Moretti is the new way to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

For more information, email ConsumerAffairs@FivePointsTradingCompany.com, or order the BLADE unit directly at OrderTheBlade@MicroMatic.com.

For more information, visit HEINEKENUSA.com.