Atlantis, The Palm and Moët & Chandon raised the biggest toast to 2022 and achieved The Guinness World Records title for the world’s largest drinking glass pyramid on New Year’s Eve.

At WHITE Beach at Atlantis, The Palm guests watched in awe as 54,740 glasses of champagne towered over 8.23 meters high filled with luminescent Moet & Chandon!

As part of Atlantis, The Palm’s sustainability initiative, all 54,740 coupe glasses will be recycled by a local glassblower and transformed into refillable glassware for Atlantis, The Palm’s 1,548 rooms and suites.

Beating the previous Guinness World Records™ title of 50,116 glasses set in Madrid in 2017, a team of six from Dutch company Luuk Broos Events spent five days and over 55 man-hours meticulously stacking the glittering tower of coupes ahead of the grand unveiling.

“Huge congratulations to all those involved for achieving the largest drinking glass pyramid. It takes some considerable planning and organization to pull off a feat of this magnitude. The strict guidelines provided by Guinness World Records has been observed to the letter, and it was a pleasure to witness such a dedicated team at work. Congratulations, you are Officially Amazing™.”
– Pravin Patel, Official Adjudicator at Guinness World Records