Founded and owned by husband and wife duo Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Matthew, Greenbar Distillery is California’s first since the prohibition, and shows off the world’s largest portfolio of craft spirits.

They keep their focus on their spirits all the while erasing their carbon footprint by helping rebuild South American rainforests.

For every bottle they sell, Greenbar Distillery plants one tree. They have been able to plant over 880,029 trees to provide carbon sinks and even help for local famers in Central America.

They only use certified organic ingredients to stay eco-friendly. This prevents the destruction of clean farmland by not contributing to the addition of artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, or genetically modified organisms into our world.

They also reduce pollution and waste from packaging through lightweight bottles and using waste recycled labels.

We got to hear from Litty and Melkon, and here’s what they had to say about their distillery.

“All Greenbar Distillery spirits share two qualities: a California vibe and the ability to simplify cocktails,” they say. The California vibe reflects their use of fresh, new ingredients and focus on sustainability, while the simplifying vibe evolved more gradually and in sync with the cocktail movement. They say that their distillery and “cocktailing 2.0” both began around 2004 when they realized how much people loved complex drinks, and so their aim was to create complex, rich spirits with few ingredients.

They believe that their spirits are unique because they focus on the present for inspiration, while others on the market look to the past. “We try to capture a moment, an emotion or point of view with each of our spirits based on what we experience in Los Angeles,” they explain.

Regarding sustainability, Greenbar is all about it. “On average, we generate 2.5 kilos of CO2 for every bottle we make and ship. One tree we help plant absorbs 790 kilos of CO2. Added together, this means that one bottle of Greenbar spirits produces a net negative carbon footprint -negative 787.5 kilos worth!”

After four years of being open, Litty and Melkon learned that organically grown ingredients have a cleaner and brighter flavor and decided to make the switch. Since then, they have planted over 880,029 trees and made over 14 million Americans carbon negative for a day. What inspires them is the fact that they are helping rather than hurting the Earth, and keeping our planet beautiful for future generations.

The owners of Greenbar want bartenders to know that their spirits are distilled to have complexity and depth in order to help simplify the cocktail construction. Their spirits are many great things, plus eco-friendly… “Think of the positive impact you can make on the planet… as well as your tip jar… in one shift!”