The Grand Finale of the Gra’it Challenge was held on June 21st, 2017 at Byblos, Miami.

The Gra’it Challenge was the world’s first bartending competition featuring a grappa brand. The Grand Finale was live-streamed on the Gra’it Facebook page and received over 50,000 views across the globe.

Over the course of the past six months, the program:

  • Engaged over 400 top bartenders across five US States (Florida, New York, Illinois, Texas and California)
  • Opened doors to many top cocktail bars in the key US cities
  • Massively boosted the Gra’it awareness and enhanced its credibility in the on-premise channel
  • Served as a mean to educate 100s professionals on what makes a good grappa
  • Sent a strong signal to all our current and future business partners (wholesalers, media publications, trade accounts, etc.): we’re here to stay and to build not just a brand but the entire category
  • Selected by an outstanding and world-class judging panel made up of Cesar Diaz, Julie Reiner, Fabio Raffaelli, Ben Potts and Camper English, here are the finalists (pictured left to right):

Gra'it Challenge Grand Finale Winners Announced

  • Hector Acevedo (Cocktail Cartel – FL)
  • Giorgia Crea (Zucca – Coral Gables – FL)
  • Ms. Franky Marshall (Le Boudoir – New York – NY)
  • Meredith Barry (Vol. 39 – Chicago – IL)
  • Will Benedetto (Blind Barber – Brooklyn – NY)
  • Ryan Wainwright (The Ponte – Los Angeles – CA)
  • David Bonatesta (The Nomad Bar – New York – NY)

The seven winners will travel from Milan to Venice, Florence and Rome and meet their colleagues in some of the top cocktail bars in Italy.

For more information, visit Grait.It.