Goral Vodka Master is proud to announce the appointment of Veronika Karlova as their new global brand ambassador.

The Slovakian has been involved in the vodka industry since 2012, and has successfully helped launch the brand into the UK market. After effective marketing support and organization of the International Bartender Competition Masters of Master in Bratislava this year, Veronika will be responsible for the global development of the brand, focusing mainly on th U.S. and UK market.

Veronika Karlova, global brand ambassador for Goral Vodka Master

Veronika Karlova

Goral Vodka Master was launched in 2010 by GAS Familia, the second largest producer of alcoholic beverages in Slovakia, with export links to more than 25 countries worldwide. The distillery focuses on artisan production, and pays tribute to the beautiful region of Slovakia and its history.

Goral Vodka Master Lineup

Goral Vodka Master Lineup

The secret of Goral Vodka Master lies within the use of high quality winter wheat and precise compliance with the prescribed manufacturing process. Born in the heart of the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, Goral Vodka Master is an exceptional vodka with a soft, clean and crisp taste. Goral Vodka Master combines selected durum wheat varieties that undergo 7-column distillation. It is softened by water from Tatra springs and its unique character is intensified by a 7-fold filtration through a special blend of natural materials that guarantees smoothness.

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