Good People Brewing Co., the oldest and largest craft brewery in the state of Alabama, announces the acquisition of a new can labeler, and subsequently, the release of Urban Farmer, a traditional farmhouse ale, in cans later this week.

As the first craft brewery in the Deep South to can their beer, Good People Brewing Co. has continued to innovate by acquiring specialized labeling equipment allowing for the flexibility and ease of labeling their cans and 22 oz. bottles. This machine will allow the brewery to package and release more seasonal, specialty, and limited batches into the marketplace, resulting in a larger variety of styles available to customers.

Urban Farmer 12oz. Can

Urban Farmer 12oz. Can

Good People Brewing Co. has always been a proponent of canned beer due to the fact that cans offer stronger protection against environmental factors threatening to spoil beer and maintains the quality and integrity of the brew inside. Since the brewery maintains a full-time quality control lab facility and staff, quality product is the main priority of the Good People staff. The can labeler will enable Good People Brewing to showcase product diversity without having to compromise packaging quality.

The first beer to be packaged using the new labeler will be Urban Farmer, a traditional Farmhouse Ale. This beer is brewed with a variety of pale malts and a unique blend of saison yeast strains, which lend flavor and aroma characteristics of grapefruit, pineapple, orange zest, earthiness and spiciness. These cans will be available starting with local Alabama distribution.

Additional limited and special small batch beer releases will be announced soon.

Good People Brewing partnered with Pack Leader USA for the labeling machine and Resource Label Group for the printed labels.

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