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About the Competition

The Golden Week Cocktail Competition

Cardinal Mendoza and Chilled are kicking off a Golden Week Cocktail competition for all bartenders and mixologists who want to show they’ve scored the golden ticket for cocktailing. The challenge invites you to create a unique and inspiring cocktail using one or more of three winning brands: Cardenal Mendoza Sherry Brandy, Angelus Liqueur, and Fifty Pounds Gin. The Golden Week Cocktail competition is part of the 4th Annual Golden Week, a weeklong international celebration of brandy. Enter for a chance to win a grand prize of $1,500 and a trip to visit the Sanchez Romate Hermanos Winery in Spain. Four runners-up will each receive a $250 prize. The deadline for competition entry is October 18, 2019.

Grand Prize: $1,500 + trip to visit Sanchez Romate in Spain

4 Runners Up: $250

Rules & Guidelines

This competition is open to movers & shakers, bartenders that are working in great bars, restaurants, lounges, hotels, clubs & more in the US. Original recipes must include minimum of 1 ounce of either Cardenal Mendoza Sherry Brandy, Angelus Liqueur and/or Fifty Pounds Gin. House made ingredients are allowed as we do encourage creativity. Keep ingredients, mixers & or modifiers to 4-5 limit as we would like to see recipes that offer swift yet great remakes in a busy setting. We want to see your recipe on bar menus nationwide. Multiple entries allowed.

All recipes will be judged according to the name of the cocktail (10 points), appearance/presentation (15 points), written inspiration (25 points), creativity (20 points), balance of flavors, aroma, and character (30 points). All recipes must include a full list of ingredients and preparation method (shaken, stirred, built etc.), as well as an image of the cocktail and name of participating bartender & bar.

*Receive 5 bonus points by using 2 of the 3 brands in your submission

*Receive 5 bonus points by sharing your cocktail on Instagram with the hashtags #GoldenWeekCocktail #CardenalMendoza #FiftyPounds #GoldenWeek

*Receive 5 bonus points if your establishment carries one of the brands

Registration is now closed, thank you all for your submissions and good luck!

2019 Winner

Congratulations to Lauren Pellecchia, the Winner of the 2019 Cardenal’s Golden Week Cocktail Competition

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2019 Runners-Up

2019 Entries

About the Company

The Sanchez Romate Hermanos winery, founded in 1871 by Spanish winemaker Juan Sanchez de la Torre, is one of the oldest wineries in Jerez de la Frontera. In 1887 the fourth generation Sanchez Romate family started producing a unique brandy for their own private consumption. Word of its fine quality spread and the bodega decided to bottle it for commercial sale with the name Cardenal Mendoza Solera Gran Reserva, the winery’s flagship brand. Today the wines and brandies of Sanchez Romate maintain the international spirit born from Juan Sanchez de la Torre himself, with a firm commitment to quality and innovation with respect for tradition.

Cardenal Mendoza is a Solera Gran Reserva Brandy created from a selection of the best holandas (the finest spirit, distilled slowly in alquitaras or pot stills) in the traditional Solera method. Our brandy is aged for an average of 15 years in Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez Sherry Wine casks.

Cardenal Mendoza Angêlus captures the essence of the Sanchez Romate bodega. This smooth Sherry Brand is made with Seville oranges, lemons, cardamom and clove and evokes aromas of spring in Jerez de la Frontera.

Fifty Pounds Gin is the gin drinkers gin. A small batch distilled classic London Dry gin where the careful selection and combination of its natural ingredients make it the smoothest gin ever.


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