INDOGGO Gin recipe to help stick to that diet resolution.


INDOGGO® Gin has you covered with a low-calorie, remix on a traditional favorite, the ‘Go & Tonic. Sugar free, gluten free, and low calorie, Indoggo Gin is full of style with a natural strawberry flavor and complementing botanicals.


Hip Hop legend and INDOGGO founder, Snoop Dogg created a new way for you to enjoy an old favorite, that is nothing short of perfection. The “Gin N Juice” singer combines grapefruit juice, juniper berries, peppercorns, and a splash of tonic to complement his strawberry flavored gin, creating this ultra-light refreshing sipper.


Take some time to let go of all the excitement from the holiday season, and relax into the smooth, pure taste of the low-calorie ‘Go & Tonic.



Go & Tonic with INDOGGO Gin

Indoggo Gin


  • 2 oz. Indoggo Gin 
  • 5 oz. Tonic Water 
  • 1 oz. Grapefruit juice 

Preparation: IN a tonic glass with ice, add Indoggo and grapefruit juice. Add peppercorn, citrus peel, and juniper berries. Top with tonic water. Garnish with fresh grapefruit slice.