Malt Master Brian Kinsman Develops One Unexpected Whisky by Bringing Together 20 Unique Single Malts.

Glenfiddich announces the U.S. launch of the next iteration of the Glenfiddich Experimental Series, a new range that combines the brand’s passion for pushing Scotch whisky boundaries and collaborating with trailblazers from the whisky world and beyond. Designed to inspire unusual and unexpected variants, the Glenfiddich Experimental Series continues with the unveiling of Project XX (pronounced “twenty”), the result of one of the most ambitious malt experiments of its 130-year history.

Glenfiddich Project XX (SRP: $79.99) is the result of a collaboration between 20 whisky experts and Glenfiddich’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, who together have developed one unexpected, extraordinary single malt. Going against normal whisky making conventions, Brian invited these experts from 16 countries around the world (the US, Canada, France, Germany, Taiwan, China, South East Asia, Ukraine, Brazil, England, Scotland, Mexico, The Netherlands, South Korea, Russia and South Africa), to explore and each select a cask, 20 in total, from a warehouse at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown. The experts – many of them the foremost authorities on Glenfiddich in their respective countries – have accumulated a wealth of whisky knowledge between them and spend their lives introducing single malts to whisky connoisseurs, enthusiasts and novices. Brian’s ambition was to create one remarkable single malt, by combining the curiosity and knowledge of these 20 experts.

This freedom of choice resulted in a 20-strong collection of some of the most unusual whiskies from Glenfiddich’s unrivalled stocks. After each expert had chosen a single cask of extraordinary liquid, from aged malts matured in port pipes to ancient sherry butts and first fill bourbon casks, Brian skillfully produced the final variant to reflect their individual tastes and interests. Expertly married together in a small batch vatting, the final flavor profile defied even Brian’s expectations.

“The Experimental Series is an example of Glenfiddich’s long illustrious history of innovation and having the confidence to try new things in an unconventional way. Bucking the tradition of malt whisky being chosen and vatted by only a Malt Master, we set out to create an unpredictable whisky by involving 20 whisky experts in the process. The 20 casks selected include some of our most astonishing whiskies chosen for their taste profile and rarity, and it was an exciting challenge to marry them together in a way that did justice to the original sources. It has the warm summer fruity character of a classic Glenfiddich but then its ‘multiple personalities’ are revealed as the flavors of candy floss, cinnamon spice, almonds and rich port tannins kick in with the odd hint of licorice.”
– Brian Kinsman, Glenfiddich Malt Master

Glenfiddich Project XX, bottle and package

Glenfiddich Project XX

“As a Glenfiddich Ambassador I have had the pleasure and privilege of selecting casks for bottlings on a few occasions now and it always reminds me that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Not only do I get to talk about the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky while meeting people on my travels around the USA, I also get to add my name to the list of incredibly talented Ambassadors who helped to select the casks that went into making up Project XX. A spicy and complex dram with depth and a smooth finish, Project XX is a great example of how experimentation and collaboration can work together.”
– Mitch Bechard, National Ambassador for Glenfiddich USA

Glenfiddich Experimental Series Project XX Process Diagram

Glenfiddich Experimental Series Project XX Process Diagram

Created from collaborations with like-minded innovators from a wide range of different industries, the Glenfiddich Experimental Series focuses on using unique and innovative production processes to offer a new kind of malt whisky experience. Glenfiddich Project XX follows the first malt released from the series, Glenfiddich India Pale Ale Cask Finish; a Glenfiddich single malt finished in IPA craft beer casks carefully selected by Brian Kinsman and a local Speyside craft brewer.

Glenfiddich Experimental Series Project XX bottle and glass

Glenfiddich Experimental Series Project XX

Tasting Notes

  • Color: Deep gold
  • Nose: Classic Glenfiddich fruitiness with hints of apple blossom, summer fruits and ripe pear. A beautiful balance of oak with rich creamy vanilla, barley sugar and a hint of licorice and subtle spice
  • Taste: A refined and balanced flavor with candy floss sweetness and a rich vanilla oakiness. Deep and mellow, the initial sweetness is complemented by unusual notes of toasted almonds, cinnamon and a hint of crisp tannin
  • Finish: Long lasting with a lingering sweet oakiness
  • ABV: 47% Non-chill filtered
  • Recommended Serve: Add a sprinkle of water to the outer lip of the glass, dab the glass lightly into a bowl of sea salt flakes, picking up a few flakes. The salt works well with the fruity notes in the blend for an unforeseen enhancement.

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