Each time a bartender serves up a drink, he or she is essentially offering a gift in a glass.

Indeed, you might even say that the bartender is an everyday Santa Claus, giving out a bit of cheer every time he or she mixes or shakes. But, what happens when a bartender steps out from behind the bar and has to consider actual gifts for friends and coworkers? Being in the industry, one can often get just about any sample bottle one wants. So, a bottle that’s gifted to a bartending friend should fulfill certain criteria. First, it needs to be special; second, it better make a fine cocktail. The new Bacardi Gran Reserva line does just that.


Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron

Photo Courtesy of BACARDI

As a double-aged white rum, the Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron offers up notes of pear, vanilla, nut, and black pepper. The Gran Reserva Ocho Años with oaky dried fruit, spice, and tropical vanilla notes is blended from rums aged eight to 16 years.


The Gran Reserva Ocho Años

Photo Courtesy of BACARDI

As Juan Coronado, Bacardi Legacy U.S. Brand Ambassador characterizes these new rums:

“The Gran Reserva portfolio offers an amazing rum duo with Maestro and Ocho. Both rums [demonstrate] Bacardi’s signature blending style, offering bartenders a plethora of aromas and flavors that allow them to create well-balanced and delicate drinks.”

Throughout the month of December, CHILLED will be featuring recipes incorporating the Gran Reserva line from three of our New York based Chilled 100 ambassadors. Steven Dragun, Lana Gailani, and Cliff Mejia didn’t get to where they are by resting on their laurels. They are trendsetters and influencers, eagerly experimenting with flavors in the hope of discovering new and dynamic drink possibilities.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear all about each one’s odyssey and how Bacardi Gran Reserva made it to the top of their wish lists.