Much like with the rest of 2020, Thanksgiving will be totally different this year.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to treat yourself while you hunker down. Whether you’re looking for a libation while you feast with the members of your household or small circle, or connecting with friends and families across the miles via Zoom, here are some of the most notable sips to stock up on and gobble down for the holiday whether gearing up for your meal, to bottles that make ideal Turkey pairings, and even ones that pair perfectly with the inevitable plates of leftovers.

For when you know it’ll be a long day: Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew

Sometimes plain old coffee just won’t cut it. Cafe Agave’s range of spiked cold brews, whether decadent mocha, sweet caramel and French Vanilla or plain espresso are just the thing on a late Thanksgiving afternoon when you’re craving caffeine to get you through the long day while also hankering for a boozy libation. Boasting 42 grams of natural caffeine per modestly-sized can, it’s the brand’s quality ingredients (including real dairy cream, cold brewed coffee and agave sweetener), that make it stand out in a boozy market saturated with caffeine-boosted options.

For a high quality mixer when soda or juice won’t do: Perfectly Cordial

If you really want to wow the small circle of family, friends (or frenemies!) you’re spending Turkey Day with, bust out some Perfectly Cordial mixers. Crafted lovingly by hospitality vet Rhonda Cammon who was inspired by her Miami youth, Cammon’s concoctions are nothing like the boring juices and sodas you’re used to (Ocean Spray is so yesterday).  Boasting hand-picked fruit and a range of spices in its varietals including Jalapeno Mint and Tropical Sour, the brand gives us one more reason to be thankful this year.

For a libation that’s a people pleaser: AIR Vodka

Pleasing even the fussiest family of drinkers, you can’t go wrong with vodka thanks to its versatility, whether in a Cosmopolitan for mom, a Moscow Mule for dad, or on the rocks for your kooky aunt. And since it’s a special occasion, forget the ubiquitous brands and reach for AIR Vodka. Packaged in a minimalist bottle (to echo the purported purity of what’s inside), the brand proudly bills itself as “the world’s cleanest, highest quality and most sustainable spirit” as its made from just two ingredients (carbon dioxide and water) and boasts a distillation system that uses renewable solar energy that removes one full pound of carbon from the air for every bottle. So it’s sippable and environmentally friendly, which is something even your kooky aunt can get behind.

For something light and airy: Canteen Vodka Sodas

Of course, if you don’t want to have to deal with mixers, a classic canned vodka soda also does the trick. And instead of that popular brand that rhymes with “Flight Paw,” Canteen offers an array of unique flavors and street cred to whet your vodka soda whistle. Whether you’re in the mood for the fresh taste of cucumber mint, grapefruit or watermelon, Canteen is bound to make a versatile and airy addition to any overflowing Turkey Day meal.

For an amazing cocktail perfect for autumn: Proof’s Pumpkin Spice Syrup

The amount of pumpkin products on the market has become a running joke, from the normal (Pumpkin spice lattes) to the unique (Cheerios, tea, and hand lotion). Hopping on the trend with monumental success is Proof’s Pumpkin Spice Syrup, designed to add an autumnal punch to any cocktail. Whether it’s in eggnogs, Old Fashioneds or hot buttered rums, Proof could please anyone’s penchant for pumpkin.

For the classy cocktail hounds: AMASS Dry Gin



When it comes to the highbrow members of your Thanksgiving gang, a good gin can go a long way. Enter: AMASS Dry Gin. With notes of floral hibiscus, subtle cardamom and spicy ginger, AMASS’s calling card is that it’s a love letter to its home city of Los Angeles, with the brand inspired by its natural terrain and cultural landscape. Whether you have an affinity for the city, live there, or just never been, the gin stands on its own as the ideal partner for a cocktail by the fire or a post-dinner libation to help digest your fantastic feast. Even better: AMASS also boats its own array of hand sanitizer, to help be extra safe while you sip.

For a libation to spice up dinner: Tanteo Tequila

What pairs best with a big plate of turkey and stuffing? Tequila! Okay, maybe the spirit isn’t as associated with the big day as Pumpkin Pie for example, but if you’re going to spring for the stuff, it may well have some kick. Tanteo offers a variety of opportunities for a tequila with said kick with fiery flavors like habanero, jalapeno or chipotle. Even better, Tanteo is produced at the only distillery owned by its co-op of agave farmers. The result is a deeply flavorful spirit perfect for spicy sip to side wash down the turkey breast you overcooked.

For the laidback mixologist: High West Barrel Finished Cocktails

With major street cred as Utah’s first distillery since the 1870s, High West is here to make every drinker happily gobble as they recently wadded into the wonderful world of pre-batched cocktails. The results are Barrel-Finished Manhattan and a Barrel-Finished Old Fashioned, both ideal for when one wants a high quality cocktail with none of the thought nor hassle. When you’re stuffed with turkey yet savoring every sip, just thank the brand’s Master Distiller and Beverage Director (Brendan Coyle and Steve Walton) for the rye barrel-matured goodness.

For a turkey sandwich lunch: Picnic Brunch Bloody Mary and Mimosa

Just imagine it’s the day after the holiday and the only thing you want to think about is Netflix and leftovers while you lounge around in your sweats. Pairing perfectly with a piled-high turkey and stuffing sandwich is Picnic Brunch’s range of canned libations, whether savory Bloody Mary or sweet Mimosa. And this isn’t a poor imitation of the two cocktails, as the company mimics your favorite brunch spot. Pour it in a glass, and you’d think it was freshly made on the spot.

For a celebratory, and cozy, pair of drinks: Bull’s Head Bourbon and Porter’s Small Batch Rye

Bull's Head Bourbon

Bull’s Head Bourbon

Finally, the holiday weekend is over! Dishes are cleaned, the family is asleep and you just want to collapse on the couch in celebration of another successful Turkey Day. Luckily, two brands are here to help you out: Bull’s Head (hailing from New York) and Ogden’s Own Porter’s (from Utah).

Ogden’s Own Porter’s

Ogden’s Own Porter’s

When it comes to the latter, it’s the area’s first licensed distillery since the 1800s with the Rye aged over three years at 111, subsequently blending down to 90 proof to make for a rich and flavorful product. As for Bull’s Head, the child of brand Spirits Lab that’s aged for four years and made from corn, wheat and malted barley, its luscious product is appropriately named after the Bull’s Head Tavern where Washington took his troops to toast their final victory… kind of like your own victory for surviving another successful Thanksgiving.