FrappaChata®, RumChata’s ready-to-drink iced coffee, storms into 2018 ready to conquer the summer drinks market.

Following a third quarter introduction in 2017, FrappaChata sold more than 1 million individual units before the new year, with sales and sampling driven by the success of the 100ml package.

FrappaChata is a custom blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees blended with award-winning RumChata cream liqueur. The rich, smooth taste of FrappaChata is delicious on the rocks or as a mixer with other spirits.

In order to make it easier for all retailers to profit from FrappaChata, the hot-selling brand has developed a 100ml counter dispenser for placement at cash registers. This additional point of sale in the impulse aisle is a perfect way to get customers to enjoy FrappaChata for the first time.

“After FrappaChata’s rapid success last fall, we’re looking forward to having the product available for the entirety of the spring and summer. RumChata is a millennial brand, and iced coffee is the quintessential millennial drink.”
– Tom Maas, RumChata Founder and Master Blender

FrappaChata Iced Coffee 100ml Dispenser, package on white

FrappaChata Iced Coffee 100ml Dispenser

FrappaChata will be advertised throughout the year on national television and print. Print has already started, and the first TV ads will run in March.

“You’re going to see FrappaChata everywhere this year. Retailers need to get the FrappaChata 1.75L in the cold box and the 100ml dispenser on their counters now to really take advantage of this great new product and it’s huge marketing campaign.”
– Tom Maas

FrappaChata at 25-proof is shelf stable, requiring no refrigeration and available in 1.75L bottles for a suggested retail price of $19.99 and 100ml bottles for a suggested retail price of $1.99.

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