VitaFrute™ Cocktails by VEEV® is debuting the first organic ready-to-drink Mule at select retailers across the US this fall with the launch of the Ginger Pear Mule.

Almost 75 years ago, the Moscow Mule was born in the legendary bar Cock N’ Bull in Los Angeles and went on to become a favorite American cocktail and must-know recipe for any bartender. Today, the Mule is surging in popularity. As the most searched-for cocktail on Google and the #1 growth cocktail, the Mule is leading the classic cocktail renaissance in bars across the country.

Putting a twist on an old classic, the Ginger Pear Mule, the newest cocktail to join the VitaFrute family, is made with premium organic VEEV Spirit, blended with all natural ginger and lime flavors and just the right amount of pear juice. VitaFrute’s Ginger Pear Mule is certified organic and only 125 calories per serving, making it the perfect way to party organically. The release marks the fifth addition to the VitaFrute lineup, which also offers Coconut Colada, Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Lemonade varieties.

“The Mule is a post-prohibition cocktail that is currently leading the classic cocktail revival. We wanted to give consumers an organic and calorie conscious, ready-to-drink version of this iconic cocktail that can be easily enjoyed at home. By bringing together the fastest growing RTD and the #1 cocktail, The Ginger Pear Mule is sure to become a new classic and give consumers exactly what they are craving.”
– Carter Reum, Co-Founder of VEEV Spirits

Organic Ready-to-Drink Mule with the Ginger Pear Mule

Organic Ready-to-Drink Mule with the Ginger Pear Mule

VitaFrute Cocktails by VEEV are the first line of organic and all natural ready-to-drink cocktails. All VitaFrute Cocktails are 15% ALC/VOL (30 proof), and made with all-natural, organic ingredients, and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Since VitaFrute hit shelves in 2012, it continues to gain momentum as the fastest growing RTD on the market, reaching 115% dollar growth this year versus 2014.

The Ginger Pear Mule and all VitaFrute Cocktails by VEEV are available nationally at a suggested retail price of $12.99.

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