Premium Vodka Brand Continues Ice-inspired Design Tradition.

Brown-Forman Finland unveiled a new package design for Finlandia Vodka, a brand known for its pristine and smooth taste and innovative bottle design. Conceived to capture the premium and dynamic essence of Finlandia Vodka, the design continues the brand’s half-century tradition of ice-inspired bottle designs—influenced by Finland’s global reputation for quality and pure natural environment.

“With this next evolution of ice, we added details, providing entry points into stories that give the brand meaning.”
– Carmen D’Ascendis, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Director, Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia New Package, bottle and shots on white

Finlandia New Package

The new bottle features premium elements, including a distinctive bottle shape with embossed imagery, an enhanced colour palette, and vibrant new branding. The bottle’s distinctive “Flowing-Ice” design allows the natural quality of the vodka to shine through while drawing inspiration from Finnish heritage, with the reindeer and Midnight Sun, embossed on the bottle’s shoulder. With a bold blue capsule, neck wrap and label, along with striking copper detail noting “Vodka from the Land of the Midnight Sun,” the new  Finlandia Vodka bottle design stands out on the shelf and back bar.

Embodying the best of Finland, Finlandia Vodka is made from pure, glacial spring water and the finest Suomi barley, grown under the 72 days of Finland’s “Midnight Sun.” State-of-the-art distillation transforms these untreated, natural ingredients into the smooth, crisp taste of Finlandia Vodka.

“Designed by Cartils Branding & Packaging Design, the new Finlandia Vodka packaging is a beautiful next step in the evolution of our award-winning design work, that reflects the premium vodka within.”
– Carmen D’Ascendis

Evolution of Ice Inspired Bottles, selections on white

Evolution of Ice Inspired Bottles

The new Finlandia Vodka bottle will be available for wholesale and retail purchase starting early summer, 2018. Poland, Finland and Czech Republic will receive new packaging starting June 2018. Select countries in Europe will begin receiving the new packaging in December 2018. The U.S., Russia and other markets will begin receiving the bottle in June, 2019.

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