Los Angeles may have been a few years behind New York and London when it came to the Cocktail Renaissance, but once L.A. jumped on board, the talent came out of the woodwork.


Witness today’s Featured Bar. Open for a little less than a year, the Melrose Umbrella Company has become a fixture on the cocktail circuit. Childhood friends and co-owners Austin Melrose and Zach Patterson had been hoping to open their own bar for some time to create “the industry clubhouse we never had,” according to Melrose. With their partner Ian Schepp, they discovered the perfect spot on Melrose Avenue (a bit of kismet with Austin Melrose’s name, but no relation) and set about transforming it into a post-Prohibition style space replete with a little-known symbol of Repeal — an upside down umbrella with rain falling into it.

The menu offers nods to the past with classic selections and celebrates the present cocktail explosion with new, rotating drinks. Coupled with a monthly cocktail brunch and an evolving collaborative bar program that encourages guests to experiment, Melrose Umbrella Company is a bar for all seasons and palates.

Melrose Umbrella Company, 7465 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036; 323-951-0709. www.MelroseUmbrellaCo.com

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