Featured Mixologist Luka Bogovčič

Featured Mixologist Luka Bogovčič

Name: Luka Bogovčič

Hometown: Koper

Nationality: Slovenia

Birthday: March 16th, 1987

Sign: Pisces

Where You Bartend: Catacombs Bar

How Many Years Bartending: 12 years

Favorite Cocktail: Caipirinha

Favorite Beer: Human Fish

Favorite Shot: Blackjack

Favorite Bar In The World To Have A Drink: Nightjar, London

Luca’s Own Signature Cocktail: Sweet Kiss Goodnight


  • 2 bar spoons of Fruit Thirsty Crow tea
  • 1 bar spoon of Honey
  • 10 cl Fresh Lime Juice
  • 40 cl Vodka
  • 15 cl Cointreau
  • 10 cl Hot water

Preparation: Put the tea, honey and lime juice in a mixing glass and add hot water to get the infusion. Wait until the honey melts. Stir gently and add vodka (use your favorite brand) and Cointreau. Add ice ang gently shake. Double-strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lime wedge and sprig of mint.

Serve with a smile and enjoy!