Featured Mixologist Greg Mays

Featured Mixologist Greg Mays

Name: Greg Mays

Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Birthday: 10/28

Sign: Scorpio

Where You Bartend: Simple-Cocktails.com and the Simple Cocktails Podcast

How Many Years Bartending: 4

Favorite Cocktail: Tanqueray 10 Martini or a Rye Old Fashioned

Favorite Beer: La Cumbre Elevated IPA (an Albuquerque Microbrew)

Favorite Shot: Rye Whiskey

Favorite Bar In The World To Have A Drink: Canon: Seattle, WA

Greg’s Own Signature Cocktail: Gin Old Fashioned

Gin Old Fashioned

Gin Old Fashioned

Ingredients and Preparation: Since liquors of many sorts can be served “the old fashioned way,” Gin Old Fashioneds were my first cocktail love. Use a nice piney London Dry like Tanqueray.

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