FACUNDO Rum Collection and The CORE Club’s Immersive Golden Hour Experience Celebrate the “Art of Rum.”

The FACUNDO Rum Collection and The CORE Club, a private membership club in NYC, hosted close to 80 CORE members on the club’s beautiful outdoor Terrace for an exquisite, immersive Golden Hour experience bringing the ‘Art of Rum’ to life and celebrating the moments of reward following a hard day’s work.

At the FACUNDO bar, guests enjoyed the four variants served neat or on the rocks, as well as a takeover of the club’s main bar where FACUNDO signature cocktails were served – the NEO White Negroni and the EXIMO Old Fashioned. Guests were overwhelmingly interested in the variants and heritage of the Collection.

For each of the expressions, CORE Club Chef Bernard Liberatore paired hand-selected canapés that enhanced the flavor profiles. To compliment FACUNDO NEO, he served English Pea Pannacotta with Anise Chantilly and Fresh Almond. A shrimp roll with vanilla, celery and shiso complimented FACUNDO EXIMO. FACUNDO EXQUISITO paired wonderfully with a beet tartar topped with raisins, toasted pine nuts, capers and orange vinaigrette. For the FACUNDO PARAISO pairing, Chef Liberatore created a truffled foie gras served in chocolate cone that was topped with toasted walnuts.

At the event, Bacardi Category Rum Ambassador, Juan Coronado told the rich history of the Bacardí family and their dedication to the art of rum – making as well as an overview of the FACUNDO Rum Collection and notes on each individual expression. It truly was a celebration of the ‘Art of Rum’.

Mix up the cocktails served:

EXIMO Old Fashioned

  • 2 parts FACUNDO EXIMO
  • 1/4 part Honey Syrup
  • 4 drops of Burlesque Bitters
  • Orange Peel Garnish
  • Ice Sphere

Preparation: Stirred.

NEO White Negroni

  • 2 parts FACUNDO NEO
  • 1 part Cocchi White Americano
  • dash of White Maraschino
  • Lemon Twist

Preparation: Garnish with a twist of lemon.