Equality Vodka comes to the Big Apple! The premium spirit, dedicated to making a difference, is giving a portion of proceeds to LGBT Support Organizations.

Manhattan is the home of big ideas, so it only seems natural that Equality Vodka make a splash in this marvelous town. Equality Vodka is the premium vodka dedicated to making a difference in today’s world, by giving a portion of its proceeds to various non-profit organizations that support the LGBT community.

Equality Vodka was founded on the core principals of equality for all and that of giving back.

Co-founders Bert Gallagher Jr. and Doug Jacobson recognized that to affect big change in society, big ideas were needed, and developed Equality as the crucible to this much needed change. With a vision of helping others and wanting to make a difference, Equality Vodka became an ally to the LGBT community, supporting LGBT organizations championing equality. Today, Equality Vodka has contributed proceeds to over 30 organizations across, Texas, Southern California, New Jersey, and soon New York City.

“Great strides have been made in the arena of LGBT equality, but we still have such a long way to go. Organizations that are moving the needle forward need resources and funds, that was the catalyst for Equality Vodka.”
– Bert Gallagher Jr., Equality Vodka Co-Founder

Equality Vodka bottle on white

Equality Vodka

“Each new market we reach out to, especially New York City, is a legacy moment that can truly grow and become a huge contributor to equality for all.”
– Doug Jacobson, Equality Vodka Co-Founder

For more information, visit EqualityVodka.com.