Elysian Brewing pumpkin beers are now available in select markets nationwide.

Night Owl

Night Owl

For the pumpkin pie lover – Night Owl (6.7% ABV; in 12 oz; 22 oz, draft) is classic Pumpkin Spiced beer with pie spicing, malt and caramel sweetness. One of the most drinkable pumpkin brews. Pumpkin meter: medium.

great pumpkin beer

Great Pumpkin

For the true pumpkin lover – Great Pumpkin (8.4% ABV; in 22 oz, draft) is the Imperial Pumpkin, pronounced pie spicing, with alcohol and malt sweetness, and an intense yeast character. Pumpkin meter: high.

Dark O' the Moon beer

Dark O’ the Moon

For the chocolate lover – Dark o’ the Moon (7.5% ABV; in 22 oz, draft) is an Imperial Stout with strong roast and chocolate notes and deep cinnamon focused spicing. Perfect pairing for that dark chocolate treat! Pumpkin meter: low.

Punkuccino beer


For the coffee lover – Punkuccino (6% ABV; in 22 oz, draft) is coffee pumpkin ale and a nod to the pervasive pumpkin spiced latte, with chocolate and roasted malts, cold brewed coffee, milk sugar for sweetness and mouthfeel, and a dash of nutmeg on top. Pumpkin meter: low.