Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery’s beloved, boozy Holiday Nog is back.

The dairy-based holiday beverage is now available at Ellis Island and all 11 Village Pub locations across Southern Nevada. But get your fix before the stock runs out. Only 2,800 bottles of the holiday treat ($29.95 bottle, $6 glass) were produced and will be on sale until the allotment is sold.

Ellis Island brewmaster Joe Pickett cracked 7,000 eggs and used 450 one-liter bottles of premium liquor to make this year’s batch, which marks the 15th year the eggnog has been sold to the public. The other ingredients are a family secret that dates back decades.

Ellis Island's Holiday Nog Now Available, holiday background, bottle and glass

Ellis Island’s Holiday Nog

Ellis Island owner Gary Ellis’ grandfather, Frank Ellis, Sr., learned about the recipe from a fellow passenger on a ship taking him from Italy to the United States in 1953. In the 1980s, after his grandfather passed away, Ellis found the recipe and began making small batches in his home kitchen.

“I made it for family and friends who would return to my house in no time asking for another batch. And so it was only natural that we began selling it here at Ellis Island. It has taken on a life of its own. People from all across the country come in and ask us for the recipe, but we plan on keeping it a secret.”
– Ellis Island owner, Gary Ellis

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