Wild Side

Recipe by Gwendolen Whiting


  • 1.5 oz. Wódka Vodka
  • .75 oz. Dragon Fruit Puree*
  • .5 oz. Jalapeño Syrup**
  • .5 oz. Lemon Juice
  • 2 oz. Ginger Beer

*Dragon Fruit Puree

Take 1 red dragon fruit and cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out fleshy contents and blend on high for 5-10 seconds.

**Jalapeño Syrup

In a saucepan, combine 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water and 2 chopped jalapeño peppers. Bring to a boil and stir to dissolve sugar. Once dissolved, turn off the heat and let steep for 20 minutes. Let syrup cool, then strain into a container and refrigerate until ready to use. Will keep for two weeks.


  1. Combine all ingredients, except ginger beer, in a mixing tin and shake with ice.
  2. Double-strain into a mason jar over cracked ice.
  3. Top with ginger beer.
  4. Garnish with a healthy sprig of mint & dragon fruit wheel.
  5. Enjoy.

Garnish: Mint Sprig & Dragon Fruit Wheel

Glassware: Mason Jar

Cocktail Inspiration:

I wanted to create drink that represented Wodka Vodka’s refreshing and crisp flavor. The boldness of this 100% rye based vodka goes great with the earthy spice of a 1:1 jalapeño simple syrup. Lemon juice is added for brightness and acidity while dragon fruit puree brings a rich mouthfeel, vibrancy, and a supercharged amount of antioxidants and healthy lipids. Finally, ginger beer is added for effervescence and a fiery punch. Garnished with a fresh sprig of mint for its clean and cooling aromas that will keep you coming back to the wild side again and again. Cheers!